We Build Cables On-schedule, And At The Latest Revision. Every Time.

Multi-Tek is your full-service custom cable and wire harness solution. Let us bring your project from prototype to production.

The Multi-Tek Advantage

Experience Cable Tracker: our custom-built, industry-leading proprietary job management system to ensure that you will always have the highest standard of service and quality. Every time.

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Secured & Controlled Documentation

We understand the importance of keeping your data confidential. All your drawings are stored electronically using military grade encryption and backed up offsite.

Cable Tracker’s version control system prevents disasters before they start. No matter how many email chains, updates or re-engineerings, we’ll build your cables correctly and to your specifications every time.

Accurate & Timely Quotes

Using Cable Tracker’s highly refined system, we are able to confidently provide you with competitive and incredibly accurate quotes for your cables. Assembly times are estimated using industry best practices learned from 20 years of experience and our quotes.

We know getting a timely quote is imperative in your decision making process. Expect nothing less than a prompt and accurate quote so you can meet your deadlines.

Real-time Job Updates

The entire process of your order is documented and put through an electronically gated quality control process that eliminates errors and provides us with real-time information. If you need an update, we can tell you the exact stage of production at all times.

Expert Assembly

Our expert assemblers have Cable Tracker at every workstation with read-only access to your latest drawing and the most up-to-date work instructions.

Assured Quality & Reliability

All of your cables are 100% functional tested and inspected by our quality control engineers. Using industry-leading Cirris test equipment, your cable’s unique electrical signature is recorded in Cable Tracker and compared against each new cable we build.

Our Record

With a documented 99.8% on-time delivery record and a simple and honest quality guarantee, you can rely on us as a trusted vendor for all of your custom cable assemblies. Contact us today with your requirements.

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