About Us

Cable assembly experts since 1995


Over the last three decades, Multi-Tek has established a reputation for quality, speed and expertise in custom cable assembly manufacturing.

We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified, our assemblers are IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified and we can provide UL recognized component certification. In 2020 alone, we performed 6 million crimp terminations and shipped 425,000 cable assemblies.

We act as a partner to clients across industrial, electronics, transportation, communication and commercial sectors. And our extensive tooling collection from industry leaders like Komax and Schleuniger enables us to produce a wide variety of products at an efficient pace and competitive price.

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We’re based in Portland, Oregon and have been since 1995 when we first set up shop with five former loggers in a garage. All of our products are produced in the U.S. with nothing outsourced overseas; we’re also known to make the drive over to local Oregon clients for on-site problem solving.

Today, we operate out of a 20,000-square-foot facility (doubled in size from our space in 2019) with 85 employees. We’re a proud second-chance employer — we hire wire assemblers who may not have opportunities elsewhere and invest in their development, creating a culture of growth and dedication.

To learn more about our ability to streamline your production, meet your deadlines and guarantee functionality, visit our “Who We Help and How” page.

What our customers say

“Multi-Tek has never failed to make my connection”

“Multi-Tek has enabled me to ask customers about certain components that I otherwise wouldn’t have known to ask about. This saves us all time in the long run and makes for more informed conversations with our customers.”

Jim Triax Metal

“Multi-Tek brought their extensive experience to aid us in developing and producing a less costly, but more robust harness design.”

BJ Oregon pump manufacturer

“We definitely rely on Multi-Tek’s expertise for design.”

Michael HP

“What's great about Multi-Tek is that sometimes we know what we want at the end of the day, but we're not quite sure how to get there. We can give them bits and pieces and they'll make it into what we need.”


“When our engineers and the Multi-Tek engineers collaborate on design work, it’s super helpful because when it comes to procurement to prepare, it's already figured out.”

Rhonda SightLine

“I just received and inspected the first batch of cables and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with build quality. You guys are supplying world class value.”

Kelly linear regulator manufacturer

“Thanks for the fine harnesses; Multi-Tek has never failed to make my connection.”

Dusty office equipment manufacturer

“Thanks for taking the time to go through this order, line by line and finding the discrepancies and duplications. You folks are always so thorough that I never hesitate to send these to you.”

Mary semiconductor manufacturer