Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Multi-Tek, Inc.

March 24th, 2020

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve we are dedicated to keeping our workplace healthy and safe. We strive to keep our employees, vendors, and customers informed and up to date on all related coronavirus information being recommended by the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority, while continuing to provide a seamless working experience in a healthy environment.

During this critical time, Multi-Tek Inc. is fully operational throughout our business and prepared to provide the same exceptional service you have come to expect from MTI. Our business continuity plan is in place to respond to this current pandemic.

We have instituted a preparedness plan that we believe is in line with CDC recommended guidelines for mitigating any risk of spreading COVID-19. This includes:

-Increased social spacing between employees.

-Sanitizing all high touch areas before and after use as well as at set points during the day.

-We’ve made available extra PPE and cleaning products to promote a culture of additional cleanliness and hygiene among our staff.

-A relaxed sick leave policy to encourage employee wellness and avoid transmissions.

-Restricting non-employee visitation to our production floor/offices

Multi-Tek is in the state of Oregon, where there is currently a ’stay at home’ order which affects certain categories of businesses (retail stores, restaurants, gyms, etc).

Multi-Tek is excluded from this present order, but in the event there are further business restrictions, Multi-Tek is an ‘essential business’ as classified under the Department of Homeland Security notice from its CISA because we are part of the Defense Industrial and the Communications and Information Technology supply chains.

Additionally, all of our office staff are working remotely, so we are able to stay in constant communication in regards to the status of our operations no matter what arises. We are in partnership with an employment professional service and are prepared to stay fully staffed in all areas of our business.

We’re confident that we are prepared to handle the ongoing crisis, and we will post further updates as necessitated by ongoing developments. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best Regards,

Rick VanWinkle
General Manager
Multi-Tek, Inc.