Flexible cable assembly support built for OEMs


Traditional cable assembly suppliers aren’t built to support OEMs. Manufacturers frequently put up with ridiculous minimum order quantities (MOQs), long lead times, inconsistent supply chains and unresponsive service from cable assembly suppliers.

Multi-Tek is different.

Service modeled after the needs of OEMs

We’ve tailored our service model around solving the problems that cause the most trouble for OEMs sourcing custom cables.

Manufacturers who work with us have come to expect:

  • Immediate access to engineering expertise. During the quoting process we’ll learn about your application and help finalize your design by making recommendations for manufacturability
  • Supply chain management with foresight. Our own Cable Tracker software allows us to recognize component shortages before they happen. 
  • Flexible production. In some cases, we get around component shortages by producing smaller runs as parts become available. Plus, count on reasonable MOQs (sometimes as low as ten, depending on the project). 
  • Robust quality and version control. In-process QA, rather than sample-based testing, allows us to guarantee 100% functional cables. 
  • On time delivery, every time

Looking for a flexible cable assembly supplier?

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We respond quickly to quote requests and can even help you with cable design for new projects.