Our team

Meet the people that make custom cable assembly happen at Multi-Tek.

Reliable tooling delivers consistent cables on time

Consistent cables and swift lead times can’t happen without well-maintained tooling.

Our tooling team greases the gears of production by keeping applicators in top shape and solving equipment problems quickly, so that unexpected downtime doesn’t threaten on-time delivery. And if there’s special tooling required for your order, they’ll put in the legwork to acquire it.

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Consistent crimps are a non-negotiable

A cable assembly is much more than a terminal crimped to wire. But the crimp is the most critical piece of the puzzle and must be done right — so we put experienced techs in place to make sure that every single crimp will pass muster in your equipment.

They use the right tools to process the right materials with the right techniques. As lead wire technician Dan LaPine puts it, “Our margin is zero.”

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Testing & QC

Quality control guarantees cable assemblies that meet your standards — and ours

Our product represents our people and our company. That’s why our Testing and QC teams perform complete electrical tests and visual inspections on every cable assembly we build.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to comfortably guarantee functionality of every cable we ship. And we’re proud of that guarantee.

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