Engineering Consulting

Take your cable designs to the finish line

When you have a design, our team is prepared to promptly begin the quoting process and get production up and running. (If this is you, get a quote in three days or less here.)

But having your drawing completely ready for production isn’t always the case.

You may be:

  • Unsure of how to finalize your design for performance and manufacturability. You know what the end product must do — but understand what you have drawn up may not be the best approach.
  • Trying to prevent obsolete parts in your specification. You don’t have an intricate working knowledge of the cable assembly supplier ecosystem, so it takes a lot of your time to research and source compatible replacements.
  • Lacking cable and wire expertise internally. Regardless, you still need to achieve a design that performs without failure and fits within your lead time and cost parameters.

That’s where we come in.


At Multi-Tek, we’re the cabling experts so you don’t have to be


Our sales engineers help you improve cable assembly manufacturability. This is not a discrete service we offer, but a way in which we work with customers if guidance is needed to take designs to the finish line.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to achieve a cable design that meets your needs, 100% — anything else is a non-starter. Once we understand what you need to achieve, we’ll work together to streamline and improve your design.

Our recommendations vary from project to project, but they might look like:

  • Pointing out materials that cause sourcing issues down the line, such as parts further along in their lifecycle that will lead to manufacturing disruption or recently introduced components that aren’t yet produced at significant volumes.
  • Suggesting component alterations to streamline costs. Unnecessarily small connectors, for instance, are one of the largest contributors to increased cable assembly cost.
  • Switching out materials to better meet lead time goals. For example, panel mount versions of connectors with preassembled leads save significant soldering time during production.
  • Determining best-fit choices for sourcing, such as asking whether a proposed supplier is within the recognized ecosystem of ECIA authorized manufacturers and distributors.
  • Discussing design considerations to balance quality, availability and lead time. For example, if a design goes counter to best practice (improper shortcuts or incompatible parts), the product may end up sacrificing quality or deadlines.
  • Making improvements to manufacturability. An assembly may be physically possible to build, but it may not be manufacturable from a technical standpoint.
  • Catching potential instances of overengineering. Unnecessarily tight tolerances or extremely specific ratings on materials will likely increase price and lead time with a negligible effect on performance.

All in all, you’ll end up with a cable assembly design that saves time and money — without sacrificing quality.

  • Your first stop is a cabling expert

    We’ll learn about your project and proactively communicate suggestions throughout the design process

  • ISO, UL and IPC certified

    We’re ISO 9001:2015 registered, UL certified and our assemblers are IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified

  • Orders as low as 10

    50 pieces is our standard MOQ, but we may be able to support smaller orders for certain types of assemblies

  • Robust supplier and distributor relationships

    We have direct contact with manufacturers and leverage that knowledge to your advantage

  • 99.8% on-time delivery

    Standard quotes are completed with three days and standard lead time is three to four weeks

What our customers say

“Multi-Tek has never failed to make my connection”

“Multi-Tek has enabled me to ask customers about certain components that I otherwise wouldn’t have known to ask about. This saves us all time in the long run and makes for more informed conversations with our customers.”

Jim Triax Metal

“Multi-Tek brought their extensive experience to aid us in developing and producing a less costly, but more robust harness design.”

BJ Oregon pump manufacturer

“We definitely rely on Multi-Tek’s expertise for design.”

Michael HP

“What's great about Multi-Tek is that sometimes we know what we want at the end of the day, but we're not quite sure how to get there. We can give them bits and pieces and they'll make it into what we need.”


“When our engineers and the Multi-Tek engineers collaborate on design work, it’s super helpful because when it comes to procurement to prepare, it's already figured out.”

Rhonda SightLine

“I just received and inspected the first batch of cables and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with build quality. You guys are supplying world class value.”

Kelly linear regulator manufacturer

“Thanks for the fine harnesses; Multi-Tek has never failed to make my connection.”

Dusty office equipment manufacturer

“Thanks for taking the time to go through this order, line by line and finding the discrepancies and duplications. You folks are always so thorough that I never hesitate to send these to you.”

Mary semiconductor manufacturer