Who We Help and How

Mid-size machinery and equipment manufacturers need to streamline production, meet tight deadlines and guarantee functionality.

At Multi-Tek, we partner with companies like you to do just that.

Keep reading to learn about the problems we help you address and our process for solving them.

You might be a fit if you…

  • Have multiple cabling opportunities for ongoing equipment production
  • Need custom cable assemblies for transportation, electronics, industrial, communication or commercial applications
  • Don’t have the time or resources to finalize your cable assembly design, or lack cable and wire assembly expertise internally
  • Want to order complex cabling without being forced to request high volumes
  • Face short lead times and require a partner that can meet tight turnarounds
  • Are frustrated with suppliers that lack quality, transparent communications
  • Must eliminate risk of product failure

If any or all of these statements resonate with your business, we can help resolve them. Here’s how we do it.

What it’s like to work with Multi-Tek

Your first stop is a cabling expert

Expect a response from a real person (no bouncing around customer service lines or sending out unanswered web inquiries) within an hour or two during normal business hours to begin the cable assembly quoting process.

Depending on your number of cables and their complexity, a quote can be delivered as quick as same day or take up to a week; we typically aim for a three day turnaround.

A cabling expert will communicate with you over email or phone, whichever you prefer, to ask clarifying questions about your project — all before other providers even respond.


Easier to work with than the other guys

Our team can quote from a set of specifications, but unlike other cabling providers, we don’t require a completed drawing to quote.

The most basic information we need is:

  • Application description, including environmental and atmospheric conditions
  • Number of circuits required
  • Size limitations
  • Whether the application is signal or power
  • If signal, whether shielding is required
  • If power, what is the overall ampacity requirement

In fact, seeing the drawing before it’s finalized allows our cabling experts to catch potential instances of overengineering, point out obsolete components, suggest alternative materials to meet pricing, lead time, testing and performance goals and improve overall manufacturability.

Learn more about our engineering consulting capabilities here.

Reasonable minimum order quantities

Most suppliers won’t even look at your RFQ unless it’s for thousands of cables. At Multi-Tek, we support your need for low volume orders without sacrificing on price or quality. We can also work with your team to provide scheduled deliveries over a designated period of time.

50 pieces is our standard MOQ, but we but we may be able to support smaller orders for certain types of assemblies.

Finally, as a custom wire and assembly manufacturer, we don’t distribute bulk wire and cable.

100% functionality and rigorous quality control

Multi-Tek is UL certified and ISO 9001 registered. Our assemblers are IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified and use equipment from industry leaders such as Komax, Schleuniger, Autosplice, 3M, and Molex to meet stringent standards.

Quality control engineers inspect all cables with Cirris test equipment to guarantee 100% functionality, as opposed to using sample-based testing programs.

Of the hundreds of thousands of cables we ship, returns due to quality are negligible.

If a product failure is reported, we’ll place other builds of that same cable on hold, ship the product back to our facility and put the returned cables to the head of our production schedule to rework or replace them.

A root cause analysis is also performed and you’ll be informed of the changes implemented to prevent a recurrence — protecting quality every step of the way.

99.8% on-time delivery

An efficient turnaround for a custom cabling project is so important to your business. It’s as important to us, too.

Cable Tracker, our proprietary software, allows us to see the exact stage and status of your order instantly (which is great if you need us to implement any last-minute order alterations). When your order is ready, you’ll get a shipping notice from Cable Tracker with a tracking number.

We can ship worldwide using your preferred carrier, and delivery by courier is possible if you’re local to the Portland area.

The result? 99.8% documented on-time delivery.

And if you need an order faster than our standard lead time of three to four weeks, delivery of prototypes and partial delivery of production orders within one week is a possibility.

Talk to one of our cabling experts and we’ll see how we can meet expedited deadlines together.